Free Films on VODO

I recently came across an interesting site VODO through watching the film ‘The Tunnel’. This film amongst many others is listed on VODO. Bittorrent is used to allow peers to share the various movies around the net and between users. The Tunnel is funded by donations and various other methods such as allowing people to buy an individual frame of the movie for a $1. This is quite a neat idea and goes against the traditional film industry system.

On the VODO site a chart lists the most popular movies on the site in terms of times downloaded, commented, seeded and leeched. There is also a social sort of aspect which allows users of the site to ‘recommend’ a movie and gain some on site credit called ‘DO’ which allows competitions to be entered and prizes to be won (in the future).

As well as full length movies there are series made up of episodes, one of the most popular series is ‘Pioneer One’ which currently has 4 episodes each of roughly 30 minutes long. Each episode is funded by donations and it seems to be doing relatively well.

Even though a lot of people would probably claim that the quality is nowhere as near as good as the mainstream films, which probably true in terms of the difference in budget, there are still some really good movies that can pull it off with original ideas and clever camera work.

This free sharing method seems to be effective at the moment, if people like the movie/series they will donate as they appreciate the work. The use of torrents is also a great idea because similarly if people like the content they will support it by seeding to other people. I was surprised at the amount of seeders for most of the movies on the site and also a few of the newer movies are now filmed in HD (720p) which is a pretty good quality these days.

Check out VODO, even if you are very picky in terms of what movies/TV you like I’m sure you find at least one on VODO that you will enjoy!

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